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Why Mexico?

There are many advantages to pursuing an international surrogacy journey in Mexico.  One of the most significant advantage is financial.  The lower total program costs combined with the established, fixed, all-inclusive package pricing and manageable, structured payment schedule make surrogacy in Mexico a cost effective, affordable option. Another important advantage is geographical.  The proximity of Mexico to the United States and surrounding areas along with the diversity of Mexico's capital city make Mexico a convenient, highly desirable option.  A considerable advantage is legal.  The absence of surrogacy specific laws in all but a single state as well as the progressive culture in the capital city make Mexico an accessible, easily navigated, inclusive option.  And the final, vital advantage is professional.  The availability of highly trained, experienced, well respected medical and legal professionals with access to state of the art medical facilities and cutting edge equipment make Mexico a safe, comfortable, secure option.  Each advantage is briefly discussed below. 

Financial Advantage

The cost of our surrogacy programs in Mexico is less than 1/2 of the cost of programs in the U.S making a Mexico an affordable destination for an international journey.  We offer four different program options in Mexico with total costs ranging from $68,000 up to $95,000 so there is a program option to fit every budget.  Costs are quoted in writing; pricing is fixed and will not increase after contract signing; programs are all-inclusive

incorporating various components standard in every surrogacy journey and programs include multiple embryo transfers, multiple IVF cycles and egg donor services.  In addition, the program cost is paid in multiple installments according to a comprehensive and detailed payment schedule provided prior to contract signing.  This favorable financial structure significantly reduces the level of stress Intended Parents experience as a result of the "payment in full" requirement imposed in most domestic programs and it opens the door to surrogacy for many that were previously priced out of this family building option.  The financial component of a surrogacy journey in Mexico helps make surrogacy available to more people and provides a process that can be successfully managed with confidence and ease resulting in a positive, enjoyable experience for everyone involved.  

Geographical Advantage

Mexico is one of the most convenient locations for pursuing an international surrogacy journey because its close proximity to the United States and other surrounding countries keep travel costs low and travel time minimal.  Many IPs are already familiar with Mexico in some respect making the journey more comfortable and more enjoyable.  All our surrogacy journeys take place in the historic capital of Mexico ~ Mexico City ~ were there are modern hotels, delicious restaurants, diverse neighborhoods and cultural events.  A favorable exchange rate and a sizable bilingual population are two additional benefits that contribute to the positive, stimulating, enjoyable experience that make Mexico an ideal location for an international surrogacy journey.

Legal Advantage

After the Tabasco Civil Code section pertaining to surrogacy was revised at the beginning of 2016 there was a widespread misconception that surrogacy in Mexico was banned for foreign IPs as well as for single and gay IPs.  This information is simply not accurate.  Presently, surrogacy in Mexico is only legislated in one Mexican state ~ the state of Tabasco revised their Civil Code in January 2016 placing drastic restrictions on the availability of surrogacy, effectively banning all foreign, single and gay IPs but Tabasco laws have no impact on surrogacy performed elsewhere in Mexico. Alturistic surrogacy in Mexico is being performed regularly in Mexico City where surrogacy is neither regulated nor prohibited by any laws whatsoever creating what we refer to as a "legally neutral" environment with regard to surrogacy in Mexico.  In fact, the courts have consistently upheld and enforced properly prepared, fully executed, valid surrogacy contracts.  In addition, the courts regularly enter favorable rulings regarding termination of surrogate's parental rights and fully support granting full parental rights to the biologically related party.  We have implemented an organized, simple, speedy procedure we follow to successfully navigate the exit process in the present legal environment and we've experienced incredible results thus far!  Surrogacy in Mexico is open to single IPs, foreign IPs, same sex couples and heterosexual couples.  Gay or straight, single or married, local or foreign ~ all are invited and encouraged to pursue a surrogacy journey in Mexico with IPC!

Professional Advantage

We are professionally associated with one of the largest reproductive medical groups in the entire country of Mexico, CEFAM.  All of the IVF related medical services as well as the surrogate's prenatal care and delivery of baby are managed and performed by the highly qualified medical professionals at CEFAM.  They have several different clinic locations throughtout Mexico and their main clinic is located just outside Mexico City in a nearby suburb called Satelite. CEFAM has been providing reproductive medical care to patients for over a decade and the surrogacy team is lead by Dr. Carlos Navarro, Medical Director of CEFAM and Dr. Hugo Ruiz, Surrogacy Program Director, two of the region’s most prominent fertility experts.  They have assembled an expert fertility team that has trained at the world’s most prestigious institutions specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, fertility and embryology.  The medical team at CEFAM are by far some of the most experienced fertility professionals in the country and perform more than 1,500 IVF cycles while specializing in all aspects of the surrogacy process.  CEFAM recruits, screens and manages all of the egg donors and surrogates available through our program to ensure each candidate is properly evaluated and highly qualified. They utilize cutting edge state of the art technology not available at other clinics such as Primovision in order to maximize each IPs opportunity to achieve a positive pregnancy and realize their dream of becoming parents.  Each surrogacy team member is compassionate, kind, knowledgeable and sincerely dedicated to assisting our Intended Parents with their surrogacy journey in Mexico. 

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